A Young Entrepreneuer's Quest

About Patrick Toerner

Patrick ToernerMy name is Patrick Toerner, and I am the founder of OneMillionBy30.  This site is written by a young entrepreneur, for young entrepreneurs, but don’t worry, the information is universal and will benefit anyone.

What exactly is on this blog?

On this blog I will show you all of my attempts, failures, successes, and any information I find useful.  You will be able to see exactly what has worked and what didn’t. While failures are inevitable learning experiences, make less and learn from mine!  And since successes are much more rare, learn exactly how I did it.

I am also writing to inspire.  I want to inspire anyone I can to get off their butt and start making money online*.  Don’t treat it as a job, or it will become one!  Enjoy it.  If you make no money, enjoy making no money.  If you make millions, enjoy making millions.

What stuff have you done?

Before I even heard of the word entrepreneur, I knew I was one.  Since I can remember, I had some business idea, whether it be a lemonade stand, building rubber band guns and selling them in middle school, affiliate marketing, or blogging.  I loved to create things, have fun, and make money while doing it.  I started my first website in 2008.  It was an utter failure but a huge learning experience.  Since then I have created 10-15 more websites.  Most failed, but some showed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Where are you?

*I guess you really have to get on your butt to do that, but you know what I meant!

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