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The three best, affordable web hosts

by Patrick Toerner on October 8, 2015

With hundreds of web hosts out there, it is hard to narrow down which are the best. Luckily, I have used many of them and can weigh in on the discussion. When we are looking for affordable web hosts, it is kind of a no brainer to go with the big, shared hosts. Many of the smaller hosts are actually just reselling these big guy’s hosting plans anyways.

Taking in to account price, uptime, customer service, number of websites allowed on each server, and ease of use, I ended up with the list below:

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1. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the largest web hosts and our number one pick. Hostgator is consistently ranked in the top three for speed, reliablility, usability, and support. Add in the fact that they are one of the cheapest, $5.56/mo at the time of writing this, and they are a clear winner.

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2. BlueHost

If your goal is to set up a Wordpress site, then there is no question, Bluehost is the way to go. Not only is their wordpress hosting $3.95/mo, but you get a free domain! The usability is ridiculous, click one button and wordpress is installed. I have never contacted their support, but I have heard good things. The only reason BlueHost isn’t number one is that I have heard some complaints about speed issues on some of their higher teired hosting plans.

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3. InMotion

Third on my list is InMotion. InMotion is a very solid web host. All three of the hosts have above average website speeds, but InMotion speeds are slightly better. Also, because they are smaller than most hosts I have worked with, I have found their customer service to be fantastic: 24/7 chat support with stellar customer service reps. The only real negative I have is that once you get above the basic teir, the prices are higher than competitors. But, if you only need a basic website, the price is actually pretty good, $4.89/mo at the time of writing this.

So there you have it! To sum it up:

Best overall: Hostgator

Best for wordpress: Bluehost

Best speed and customer service: InMotion

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