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Split Testing: Taught Through Taco Bell

by Patrick Toerner on December 26, 2012

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I went to taco bell today and realized that I have been split testing their menu for the past 10 years or so. Let me explain.

Every time I go to Taco Bell I get one or two things I know that I like and a few things that I have never had. This way I know I am guaranteed some delicious food while I explore other options for possibly better food.

Here was my trip to Taco Bell today: I got two Doritos Locos tacos (which are awesome), one nacho grilled thing, and a spicy chicken grilled thing. I knew I was guaranteed to like at least half my meal, yet I was still able to explore new, and possibly better, options.

How is this applicable in IM?

Well the same sort of split testing should be done for your campaigns online. For example say you are running a PPC campaign and you have one solid converting combo of Ad/Landing Page/Offer. Make a second or third Ad, a second or third lander, and try one or two more offers. Then direct some of your traffic to these and see if they taste good convert better.

I would still send the majority of my traffic to the proven converter to make sure I at least broken even, but never stop testing! You may find that one Ad, Lander, or Offer converts 10 times better.

The results of the taco bell split test!

Well like usual the Doritos Locos tacos were awesome. The grilled nacho thing was very tasty, I would certainly eat it again. However the spicy chicken one, was not at all to my liking. But it’s all good, now I know to never order that again. Imagine if I didn’t split test and ordered 4 of those!

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