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Page load speed from 10 seconds to less than 2

by Patrick Toerner on May 28, 2011

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Just want to let everyone know that I took the page load speeds of some of my sites from around an average of 10 seconds to less than 2 seconds.

It was actually really easy and only costs about a dollar extra a month.

Here’s how I did it:

Signed up for Cloudflare and integrated it with w3 Total Cache plugin. This saved me about 2 seconds of page load speed.

Then I signed up with Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN service. When I finally got it set up just how I wanted it, it saved me over 6 seconds load time!

I can make this into a much larger post if anyone is interested, giving a step by step of exactly how I did everything.  I’m not sure anyone really reads this blog anymore unfortunately, but if you would like to see that article, leave a comment below and I will get on it.

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