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I’m Back, With Some Minisite Knowledge

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by Patrick Toerner on October 28, 2010

So as you can tell my last post was quite a while back.  I sort of put this blog on hiatus for a while.  I felt that I was just reposting stuff that is already on the internet somewhere.  I wasn’t adding any value, none of my own personal touch.

So I decided to pick a topic and get great at it.  I picked minisites.  Now by no means am I an expert at mini sites (yet) but I have been having some success lately, and I want to share my methods with you guys.

I also want to refer to my older posts such as $1,000 a Month From a Minisite and How to Find a Profitable Keyword for Your Minisite.  In them I plugged Glen Aesop’s ebook Cloud Living.  While this is a great ebook if you are a beginning internet marketer, I learned virtually nothing from it.  Everything I learned worth while was from reading forums and rial and error (mostly error.)  Every piece of Cloud Living can be learned online.  Now I don’t mean to discredit Glen, he is an awesome internet marketer and very wealthy because of it.

But anyways, I am starting a new minisite series.  It will be in the category of none other than Minisites.  I want to skip right into some juicy parts like how to make money on CPA offers, but the true money is in picking the right niche.  So in the next couple of weeks you guys will be hearing from me, mid terms or not.

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