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Shark Tank: My New Favorite TV Show

by Patrick Toerner on January 29, 2010

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Now I don’t watch much TV, in fact I watch Shark Tank online, but let me tell you something: this show is a gem.

Here is the premise of the show.  New businesses, start-ups if you will, come and make their pitch to 5 very wealth investors (the sharks.)   The start-ups trade equity in their company for a sum of money.

Essentially this shows real captures venture capitalists, or angel investors to be more specific, interacting with real small businesses!  It is awesome to watch these passionate people pitch their ideas.  Sometimes the ideas are so-so, but sometimes, you get to see an idea worth millions of dollars, and you want to invest in the company yourself.

Anyways, I love this show, I highly recommend it to you.  You can watch shark tank here, absolutely free.

Any other great entrepreneurial shows you know of?  (Or even just good shows?) Let me know, leave a comment below.

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