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To Be Successful, You Must Read!

by Patrick Toerner on January 22, 2010

Now, seeing how I am not yet successful, the advice is not coming directly from me. It is rather the advice that I have taken from many sources and foresee being very helpful in my professional life.

Warren Buffet was once asked what is the single most important piece of advice that he could give to someone else.  His answer was simple, “Read, read, read.”  I strongly strongly agree with Mr. Buffet on this.  For example if you are trying to further your knowledge about World War I, you must actually read about World War I.  This is the same for your business.  If you wish to be a better marketer, you must read about marketing.

If you can’t read, listen to audio books.  The average American spends over 100 hours commuting each and every year!  That’s 100 hours you could be listening to audio books and enriching your professional life.  That is basically the same as three college courses!  Two great audio books that I have listened to are The Psychology of Success and The Psychology of Achievement, both by Brian Tracy.  If you wish to be successful, read about success.  If you can’t read about success, listen to success.

On my 15 min commute to and from my college, I have thought of with countless business ideas as well as ideas to change my existing projects.  By listening to audio books you engage your mind.  Engaging your mind and spending time thinking about your business or profession is the quickest way to excel.

My last little tid bit is my favorite by far.  If you haven’t heard of StumbleUpon, it is a toolbar for your web browser that can generate random websites for you.  You can filter the pages you wish to stumble and I have found myself losing track of time and stumbling til daybreak.  Back to my original point, download the toolbar, and set the filtering to Entrepreneurship.  Then you simply click Stumble! and you will be brought to hundreds of web pages and videos from entrepreneurs around the globe.  You will be brought to videos marketing seminars from the top marketers in the world, lists of free tools to help with almost every aspect of a business, and hundreds of other great sites that would have previously been hard to come by.

I would love to hear if you have read a book or listened to audio that has really helped you! Just leave a comment below.

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